Unhappy Relationship Red Flags – Signs You Want Out

Unhappy RelationshipBeing in a committed relationship can sometimes cause complicated feelings and unpredictable feelings. When you connect your life with another person’s you will experience a wide range of emotions and some of those emotions you may not want to share with your partner. If you are in an unhappy relationship then you may be wary about addressing your concerns with your partner. What if they get upset or angry? Or what if you aren’t really unhappy but just going through a rough patch?

If you look closely you can easily tell the difference between an unhappy relationship and one that is simply in a rut. There are signs that your relationship is the cause of your unhappiness if you want to see them. If you notice that any of these red flags sound familiar to you, you may be struggling to find a way out of your unhappy relationship.

Unhappy Relationship Sign #1 – You Can’t Be You

When you and your partner first got together every day was a new rush of excitement and passion and awe. They made you feel like the most exciting, beautiful, intelligent and dazzling person in the world. Over time that might fade a little but it probably won’t go away. If you are in a truly unhappy relationship you might find that the things your partner used to love about you, now only seems to make them mad.

Your free-spirit is now seen as flighty or your disorganization is now viewed as messy by your mate. If you no longer feel comfortable being yourself then you need to break free of this unhappy relationship. If you can’t be who you are when you’re at home with the person who loves you, then you have to ask yourself if you are willing to live the rest of your life walking on eggshells.

Unhappy Relationship Sign #2 – Home Isn’t Where Your Heart Is

It is expected that when you and your honey are experience relationship troubles, you may feel a bit of dread going home to deal with more tension. But then the problem is solved and you can’t wait to get home and snuggle up with your sweetie in front of the TV.

When you’re in an unhappy relationship you find that every day you are looking for an excuse not to go home simply because your partner is there. You stay longer at work, visit with friends or family and even linger at a local coffee shop simply to avoid home.

When you constantly think of going home as something to dread then your relationship isn’t in a rut—it is unhappy. This isn’t just you needing alone time or personal space; this is about needing to end an unhappy relationship.

Unhappy Relationship Sign #3 – Resentment Grows

When your relationship is experiencing common problems and there is tension in your relationship you may feel tired or even a little angry. But you still love your partner. When you are in an unhappy relationship you will find that you slowly come to resent your partner. In fact the things you once loved about them—financial savvy, sense of humor or cleanliness—are now the things that make you hate them.

When you can say you hate your partner or resent them, and you’re not in the heat of a fight you need to find a way out of this unhappy relationship.

Unhappy Relationship Sign #4 – You Long For Yesterday

It is perfectly reasonable to reminisce about the early days of your relationship. Those days when you couldn’t keep your hands off one another. When you could talk about anything and everything for hours on end. Those were great days and looking back on them serves as a constant reminder of why you fell in love.

But when you start to look at yesterday as the best days of your relationship, that means you think all the todays you share aren’t so great. You are unhappy and your relationship is probably also quite unhappy. You may not be on the brink of ending that unhappy relationship, but you and your honey definitely need to powwow and figure out how to recapture yesterday.

Can You Go Back To Happy?

Just because you feel unhappy in your relationship doesn’t mean you are in an unhappy relationship. It simply means that you need to do something that will help you feel happy with your relationship again. Perhaps you and your partner have gotten complacent with the way things are and you don’t do thinks you used to like wear sexy lingerie to bed or bring flowers ‘just because’. If that is the case, start doing those things again.

Sometimes these red flags are a sign that your relationship is on its last leg and sometimes they are just a swift kick in the pants to let you know if you don’t do something about this lingering unhappiness…you will be at the end of your relationship. You and your partner both owe it to yourselves, to your relationship and to each other to work and fix problems in your relationship.

Sit down and talk about how you’re feeling and be specific about what aspects of your relationship are making you unhappy. If you want more night out, say it. If you need more sex or different sex, voice those opinions. Whatever it is that is making you unhappy in your relationship, fix it if it can’t be fixed.

If it can’t be fixed, move on and learn from it.

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