Signs Of A Healthy Relationship – 8 Signs It’s Right

Signs Of A Healthy RelationshipWe all have ideas of what we think are signs of a healthy relationship, but honestly much of it is surface crap. We think our relationship is good or has the potential to be good because we share the same tastes in movies or music, or because you adore the same author or love the same sports teams. Your similarities in entertainment have very little to do with whether or not your relationship is healthy. Having been in both healthy and not-so-healthy relationships I can tell you that it isn’t what you like but rather what you’re like that matters.

Likewise, being content in your relationship is not one of the signs of a happy relationship. It is more of a sign that you accept contentment. But if you really want to know if you’re in a healthy relationship, here are eight signs your relationship is right.

You Speak Your Mind Without Fear

When you can say what you feel without worrying that your partner will get angry or end the relationship, this is a sign of a healthy relationship. This means you don’t need to censor yourself and that no topic is off limits to discuss.

You might think this is a small thing but one of the reasons it’s one of the signs of a healthy relationship is that this behavior is part of a healthy and thriving relationship. You can talk, debate or discuss any topic and defend the most bizarre theory without worrying about being judged or condemned. Yes, this also means you can talk religion and politics freely!

You Fight

Contrary to popular belief fighting is one of the signs of a healthy relationship, if you’re fighting fair. It is crazy to expect to share and merge your life with another person and not have any disagreements. People are different. Some are neat while others are messy, some love to cook and others burn water. It gets annoying and sometimes you want to pull your hair out, so you hash it out.

The key here though is to fight fair and fight productively. If you’re tired of seeing laundry pile up on the coffee table…fight about that. Do not fight about something your partner did last week. Do not call your partner names or putting them down. It doesn’t help and it won’t solve the laundry problem, it will just create bigger problems.

So disagree, air your grievance and apologize if you’re wrong or gracefully accept their apology. Then…move on!

You Like Your Partner

When you want to know the signs of a healthy relationship you should go old school and think about liking them. That’s right, “do you like me” is as important a question now as it was back then. Why? If you like your partner then you can rest easily that your relationship is solid. By that I mean you aren’t waiting for the lottery, a promotion, new house or baby to make your relationship better.

You genuinely like each other for who you are so when that other stuff happens, it’ll just be icing on a healthy relationship cake.

Decision-Making Duo

One of the signs of a healthy relationship is that there isn’t a shot caller. Neither of you makes all of the decisions or all of the important decisions. You are a team and when it comes to big decisions you make them together. Whether it’s something small like what movie to see or what’s for dinner or something larger like how many kids you have, these are choices you make together.

This is one of the signs of a healthy relationship that people often forget, but it is the best way to learn how to compromise.

Tag Team Tasks

You don’t just make decisions as a team, you beat life as a team. You have to work late so your partner knows that dinner duty, carpool duty and homework duty all falls to them. And they are completely okay with it because they know you’ve done the same. One of my favorite signs of a healthy relationship is the ability to tag team life’s problems.

Your partner’s mom is sick so they spend more time with her, leaving you to pick up the home slack for a while. This is a lovely give and take relationship that lets your partner rest easily that you’re not expecting them to paint the garage while playing nursemaid to mama.

You (Genuinely) Trust Your Partner

Before you jump to your own defense and tell me of course I trust my partner, I want you to think about your reaction if someone close to you claimed to have seen your partner with a serious hottie on their lunch break. Do you automatically jump to the wrong conclusion or do you assume it was a harmless meeting?

Signs of a healthy relationship do not include blind trust, but if your partner has never given you reason to doubt their fidelity why start doubting it now?

You Have Fun Together

If I asked you right now when was the last time you laughed with your spouse, would the answer be in the last 72 hours? Life isn’t always a laugh riot, but you should be able to find joy and happiness and laughter with your partner. Maybe it’s over burnt Satay or laughing at something stupid a politician said, you should make an effort to enjoy the simple pleasures and fun to be had in everyday life.

Let’s put it this way, are you happy more often than you are not in your relationship?

You Don’t Nitpick

You live with another person or spend a great deal of time with them, it is a given they will annoy you at some point. The question is how easy is it for you to let some of these things go? If you’re looking for signs of a healthy relationship, lack of nitpicking should be near the top of that list. Okay so he forgot to put the toilet seat down (again) and she didn’t pick up the beer you like… what is the big deal? You’re disappointed sure, but is it the end of the world or even close?

Nope. So do your relationship a favor and learn to let some things go.

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