Relationship Tips: Effective Tips For Adding More Romance To Your Relationship

Relationship TipsIf you’re looking to have more romance between yourself and your partner, our relationship tips below can help you achieve it. One issue many couples face is that they start out in new relationship bliss only to have the romance slowly dwindle down the longer they’re together. This not only puts a damper on the connection, but it could also cause the relationship to become boring and predictable. If you want to add more romance and excitement into your relationship, there are several easy ways to go about it.

Give him a massage. Whip out some massage oil, have him lay face down and massage him from head to toe. It’s even better if you do it when he gets home from a long day at work. Let him know what he’s in for by texting him that he has a massage appointment with you and at your hands at 5:00 p.m.

Text him compliments during the day. Guys love to get compliments but unfortunately, ladies often underestimate just how much they enjoy them and instead give them very few. One of the most simple and effective relationship tips is to make him feel good via text message. Every few days send him a text and let him know how amazing you think he is or how hot he looked in the morning before he left for work. If you do it in the morning, it can make his entire day that much better.

Put a surprise for him in the fridge. Pulling off surprises for your guy is one of the relationship tips that can help keep things exciting and interesting. It’s no secret that most guys love anything that has to do with food or alcohol, so to put his favorite food or alcohol in the fridge and don’t tell him it’s there – just let him find it. To make it extra special, put a note on it letting him know it’s a surprise for him.

Take a bath together. It’s one of the sexiest relationship tips and one that can add some spark to your love life. Many guys may not take baths on their own, but if a woman they love plans it as a romantic surprise, they’re very unlikely to turn it down and will enjoy every second of it. Put out candles and play some music and if you really want to catch him off guard, get in the bath first, call him in and invite him to join you.

Plan a surprise getaway rather than waiting to plan one together. Even if you can’t plan something far away, plan for a weekend getaway to a local destination. Before you make the reservations, however, make sure that he doesn’t have anything going on during the dates you have in mind. Once you have the plans all set, send him a text while he’s at work and let him know you have something special in mind. He’ll be trying to figure out all day what you’re up to.

Make him breakfast in bed. You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to make this surprise! Do it just because and he’ll undoubtedly appreciate your efforts. If possible, make him a meal he doesn’t get to have very often. To make it extra special if he’s a sports fan, serve him the breakfast in bed on a day when he can watch his favorite games on the TV as well.

Plan a candlelight dinner. The sweet gesture is one of the relationship tips that can add a big dose of romance to your relationship. It doesn’t matter what you cook for the meal, whether it’s wings or filet mignon, it can still be special if you have a romantic setting. You don’t even have to set up the meal at your kitchen table. Make an indoor picnic in the living room or have it on the picnic table out in the back yard.

Brag about your guy. It goes along the lines of you complimenting your guy more often, but this time, you’ll be doing it to loved ones. If possible, do it in front of him. Let your loved ones know when your guy did something special for you or he achieved something wonderful, such as finishing up a difficult marathon race. He may look and feel slightly embarrassed, but he’ll also feel an incredible amount of pride that you’re so proud of him.

Here is another secret in the list of relationship tips. Many men will say they’re not into romantic gestures, but all you have to do is tailor certain gestures to what your guy likes to make it his own special brand of romance. Whether it’s sending him a sexy text during the day or having his favorite meal waiting for him in the fridge at night, he’s going to take every gesture as a sign of how much you appreciate him. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money. Sometimes it’s the most simple and inexpensive gestures that can mean the most.

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