Rekindle Sex Without Going Near The Bedroom

Rekindle SexIs sex something you (and your partner) fondly think of in the past tense? Would you like to rekindle your sex life so the next time you talk about mind-blowing sex it isn’t just a memory from months or years ago?

That’s great news! We know that good sex isn’t just a mood booster; it also brings couples closer, reduces stress and gives you that healthy “I just got some good lovin’” glow.

But the thing many couples forget about sex is that it isn’t just confined to the bedroom. Well if you have kids maybe, but my point is that the things that enhance your sex life don’t always occur within the four walls of your sleeping quarters. Today we’re going to talk about the things you both can do to rekindle good sex in the bedroom…outside the bedroom.


Intimacy is the best way to set the stage for better, hotter sex. If you’re in a relationship rut this is probably the reason you are also in a sexual rut; you guys aren’t being intimate and the lack of connection has found its way between the sheets.

Have a conversation with your partner that isn’t about kids, bills or work. Talk about a book you’ve read recently or some oddball news story. Share a joke and hug with your partner when you get home from work. Intimacy makes you feel connected and when you feel connected you want to…connect.


Exercising for yourself is a great step toward rekindling sex for two very good reasons. First exercising will make you feel better about your body, which will make you eager to show it off without those pesky clothes hiding your new abs or newly tightened backside. That confidence in yourself will be irresistible to your partner in the best possible way!

Secondly, exercising will keep you limber (wink, wink) and the blood flow will make you feel more energetic and more in the mood. Often a waning sex life is simply because you’re not treating your body right so it is repaying the favor by never being in the mood for sex.

Take a half hour about 3 times a week and burn a few calories or pump some iron; it will make you look and feel better and your partner will take notice!

Rekindle Sex By… Dressing For It?

When I say ‘dress for sex’ obviously I don’t mean eat dinner in boxer briefs and a nightie, although if you can…more power to you!

What I mean is dress in a way that fosters sexual interest even if sex isn’t on the agenda. You can wear comfortable clothes around the house, but try to avoid smelly clothes with stains when possible. If you and your honey plan to snuggle on the couch for a night of primetime TV, trade those flannel pajamas for silk or satin.

You can be comfortable and sexy at the same time, just take a moment to think about it when you’re changing from work clothes to comfy house clothes.

Make Out

Think back to the days when ‘rekindle sex’ was a phrase you never thought you’d ever utter, much less aloud. Remember those super steamy make out sessions that had you counting down to the “sex date” and recreate it!

Humans love to touch and to taste and a good old fashion make out session is a good way to satisfy those urges while lighting a fire for other urges. Sometimes it is the routine of our sex lives that makes it so blah and a make out session that simply progresses to more, is anything but routine.

Explore Yourself

I’ve found that learning how to rekindle sex in a relationship is also about re-learning what you like. Let’s face it; being with someone for a long period of time will mean that you both change. The things that used to get your motor running may no longer work so, how will you find out what does work? Self-exploration, that’s how.

Whether you’re reading the latest steamy romance, getting pointers online, learning on your own or with your partner, the point is that you both need to figure out if your sex life has dropped a few degrees because you’re no longer doing the things that get your partner hot & bothered.

Have a rekindling sex conversation where you talk about things you’d like to try and then…move it to the bedroom. Try out new things you both are curious about to see if that doesn’t put the spark back into your love life.

This is where it will help to have good communication in your relationship. Many people find sex a difficult topic to talk about and if you can’t talk about it…how can you do it? Don’t be shy when it comes to your likes and dislikes because your future sex life depends upon it.

Talk About It

One of the best ways to rekindle good sex in your relationship is to keep a running commentary going about sex. This doesn’t mean sending pornographic texts to your mate but it does mean complimenting them regularly. Everyone likes to hear how cute their butt looks in new jeans or hear a sexy thought about them. Don’t be afraid to send an email or text to your partner letting them know you’ve just had a naughty thought.

It lets them know that you’re thinking about them that way, which will lead to reciprocal thoughts shared and ultimately acted upon later.

So you see much of what you need to rekindle your sex life takes place out of the bedroom. Try these tips this week and be glowing by the weekend!

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