Rebound Relationships – Strategies to Make it Easier

Rebound Relationships - Strategies to Make it EasierRebound Relationships Suck

Skipping Steps Hurts…

Nobody ever goes into a relationship thinking about how they’re going to feel after getting dumped; when entering rebound relationships territory.

There’s nothing fun about heart’s breaking and the negative energy created when love is lost between two people.

What sucks worse than mutually breaking up, is getting blindsided. When you think everything is finally moving along smoothly; you’ve met the family, moved in with him, even passed gas in front of him and laughed about it, then WHAM, it’s over.

Just like a brick to the head. With a few short words your dream of a “Happily Ever After” with your man has vanished, and you’re left requiring treatment for shock and a shattered heart.

Sound familiar?

I know it’s tough, but when a breakup enters your life situation and rebound relationships enter the picture, you need to do your best to help ease the pain and bring back the happiness you deserve.

And perhaps with that a tall, sexy, compassionate, rich, and hunky man! I knew I could get you smiling. Close your eyes and just imagine…

Effective Strategies that Don’t Lead to Successful Rebound Relationships A.S.A.P.

Pointer One – Don’t do the drunken thing to ease the pain.

It doesn’t matter who initiated the breakup. It hurts any way you slice it. When you love someone you are emotionally connected. When this deep knowledge of another person is broken, it hurts!

I’m going to start by reminding you that emotion and logic can’t physiologically mix, it’s impossible. So of course you are going to get emotional here, and it’s important you consciously make an effort to not lose your marbles and be careful of rebound relationships.

Going out and getting drunk to try and forget about your pain; and worse yet getting sauced and picking up a random yahoo with your beer goggles on, isn’t going to make this any easier. Trust me on this one because I am an expert with this straight up stupid maneuver.

The Right Move…

The right move here is to surround yourself with understanding friends that will watch your back if you try and pull any Dumbo moves. It’s perfectly fine to go out and socialize, have ONE or TWO drinks and try and have a good time.

Just make sure you stop after your quota; have a tea or coffee, or call it a night if you have to for your own good. Healing from a broken heart has no shortcuts, it takes time. Nobody ever said rebound relationships were easy.

Pointer Two – Don’t focus on the blame game.

It’s understandable that when you’re hurt you want to naturally point the finger, to lay blame in hopes that you’ll feel better.
NEWSFLASH! It doesn’t work!

There probably isn’t a breakup on the face of this earth that hasn’t had the blame card played. Rarely do people ever want to accept responsibility for something not working out as planned, just a fact of human existence.

It doesn’t do you or your ex any good to lay blame; whether you’re blaming yourself or him won’t change diddly.

The Right Move…

Your best move here is to look briefly for an explanation if it’s not staring you in the face. If you don’t understand, you owe it to yourself to at least attempt to find a little reasoning. This will help in the healing process and in your rebound relationships of the future.

Just make sure you don’t focus on this because if you become frustrated and hit a brick wall, the negativity will reach out and grab you, suck you in and interfere with your road to smiling again.

This is easier said than done but it’s important for you to try and focus on the positive as soon as you can. Gather the information you need for a peace of mind, then shift into second gear and don’t look back.

Pointer Three – Don’t try and block out the reality.

This can wind you in a whole whack of trouble. If you try and pretend you never had the breakup and move forward with the next hunk of burning love, you’re going to char yourself nasty with rebound relationships.

Not to mention that’s not fair to the guy ogling head over heels for you. This doesn’t mean you need to go nutso with the details of your heartbreak, but it does need to be respectfully acknowledged to yourself and your man friend.

The Right Move…

The sooner you start acknowledging the fact the man you thought you were going to be with forever is gone, the faster you will safely move forward. An inevitable in the world of rebound relationships.

This means you literally need to start talking about how you are feeling so you can let them go, but as with anything painful, in time it does get easier. Just really sucks to get started.

When talking to your potential rebound relationship about it, don’t get crazy detailed, but it’s important to be open and honest with him, yourself, and your immediate feelings. This also initiates a trust between the two of you because you are showing him feelings mean something to you. A negative and a plus isn’t such a bad thing now is it?

Nobody wants to battle dreadful rebound relationships, but they are a reality in the world of love. Without risk there isn’t reward. Use the strategies above and you’re one step closer to winning the relationship lottery. Sounds inspiring doesn’t it?

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