Online Relationships – Why Online Love Might Be For You

Online RelationshipsThere are more than 7 billion people in the world. That is a lot of people, a ton of potential partners. But here you are living in the Middle of Nowhere, USA and you have no idea how you’ll ever meet that sexy Frenchman you know is your soul mate. You can try to find him (or her) by doing what millions of people are now doing: online relationships.

Before you roll your eyes and tell me that online relationships are for the socially awkward, the unattractive, those with weird sexual proclivities and desperate people in need of attention, listen carefully. Online dating is just another type of relationship built online. You post every insignificant fact of your life on Facebook and Tweet your whereabouts as you run errands around town…so what’s so different about finding love online?

I think many of you out there in the virtual world will find that online dating is for you, but it will allow you to build a more solid and loving relationship.

Online Relationships Force You To Communicate

When we see our significant other on a regular basis we tend to take effective communication for granted. We are passive aggressive when we get upset, we hold grudges without telling our spouse how they’ve wronged us or we simply hope and wish problems go away. In online relationships the only possible way to get past any problems is to actually hash them out.

You don’t have the luxury of distracting your partner with sex or a home cooked meal so you have to answer their questions. In fact people in online relationships probably spend more time talking via e-mail, text message and Skype so they have better communication skills. This bodes well for a couple in search of long term love because you’re already comfortable talking out your issues.

You Are More Honest

Let’s face it; when we start dating someone new we may or may not pretend to love a few things we don’t just to keep the peace. But as the relationship progresses you find yourself taking golf vacations and watching hours of competition on TV just because you pretend to love the sport.

People looking for online relationships are more likely to search for a partner with similar interests so they are more likely to find someone with whom they are compatible. Consider the online dating websites that cater to Jewish singles, gay & lesbian singles, professionals or divorced singles. They understand that having something in common lays the foundation for an honest relationship.

This doesn’t mean you need to search dating websites in search of someone who loves Renaissance poetry, sushi and gardening. It does mean that if you find a partner who loves gardening then you never have to worry that they’re pretending for your sake. We often have this mistaken belief that strong couples have everything in common. They don’t, but they do have a willingness to share the interest with their partner once in a while.

Then there is the added benefit that online relationships make it easier to disclose things truthfully that you might not during a face-to-face interaction. Rejection, even merely perceived rejection, is somehow easier to take through the barrier of a computer screen.

Online Relationships Widen The Search

One of the best things about looking into online relationships is that you can expand your search to the world. You are no longer pigeon-holed by the local bars in your neighborhood, or set ups by your married friends because you find love anywhere on the globe. We now live in a global society so why not approach dating in the same way?

You have a thing for English men or Russian women? Then there is a place you can go to find English men and Russian women in search of online relationships. You don’t have to just take what you can get because you have a good job and relocating isn’t an option. Online relationships mean you can still find someone with whom you are compatible without settling for someone you don’t want.

We all know people in relationships because options are limited. If you’re willing to look for love online, your options are totally unlimited.

Why People Choose Online Relationships

The world in which we live now requires most of us to work longer hours than ever, drive further just to get to work and have less time for vacations. That means if you aren’t already part of a couple, making time to find love isn’t easy. This is perhaps the primary reason many people are seeking out online relationships.

You can sit down at your computer and take your time finding the partner you want, with interests you share and the same life views as you. Since your potential love match is also looking for someone with your particular likes/dislikes and morals, you are more likely to make a match.

Many people are turning to online relationships in their pursuit of love because they are convenient and they allow you to tailor your relationship wants and needs. Of course there are some dangers you will have to look out for such as catfishing, but you will have to learn as you go…the same as traditional dating.

Just because having online relationships is unconventional doesn’t mean it’s wrong, weird or can’t last. Plenty of people find love online and they manage to make the relationship work.

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