New Relationship Tips To Keep You On The Road To Bliss

New RelationshipThe hard part of dating—making it to dates number 2 and 5 and 10—is over and you are in a new relationship. But now the really hard part begins, doesn’t it?

Not necessarily. Being in a new relationship is thrilling. It leaves you with a belly full of butterflies every time your significant other walks into a room. But it can also be scary because you are allowing yourself to be vulnerable and letting another person into your heart. So how can you keep your sanity while tending to this new relationship? Simple nurture the relationship like you would a baby, a garden or a tree.

Don’t treat your relationship as a decorative item that you pull out to impress the neighbors. Nope, instead treat it like the precious thing it is by working on it regularly to make sure it is thriving and growing.

Let these new relationship tips guide you on your way to a happy ending!

A New Relationship Needs To Grow

One of the hardest things for most of us to do in the early days of a new relationship is exercise a little patience. Remember that garden we talked about earlier? Well the flowers in there won’t open the buds up overnight. They need water and sunlight and nutrients to penetrate the ground and blossom, and that process takes time. So does your new relationship.

The things a long lasting and stable relationship need don’t happen quickly. It takes time to build up trust, learn to understand your partner, open & honest communication and testing your resolve in difficult times. Your new relationship needs time to grow into a mature long-term relationship so be patient and nurture your relationship…then sit back and watch it blossom!

A New Relationship Needs Room To Breathe

Wouldn’t it be great if we could all just jump into a new relationship that’s filled with endless romance and seduction? Yeah it would be, but that would be very unrealistic.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t expect romance because you should. But you need to let the romance come naturally in a new relationship instead of forcing the issue. You don’t know your partner well enough and they don’t know you well enough to understand your concept of romance. You need to understand one another’s expectations and adjust them as more information becomes available.

Give your relationship the room it needs to grow into something spectacular. Because when you learn how your partner shows their romantic side, it will mean so much more to you.

Don’t Smother Your New Relationship

One of the things we all need to outgrow as adults entering a new relationship is the urge to spend every single free moment together. I know it’s difficult in the excitement of the infatuation stage, but you know what happens when you smother a flame? It doesn’t grow, it dies out.

You both need to maintain a certain level of independence in any new relationship so you don’t forget who you are on your own. Don’t stop hanging out with friends separately or enjoying your personal hobbies. The things you do on your own will give your new relationship a chance to develop great communication skills…when you talk endlessly about your interests and how you spent your days apart.

Maintaining some independence is also a great habit to start in a new relationship, so you both can expect to keep doing so as the relationship grows.

A New Relationship Must Evolve

If your goal is to take your new relationship to the next level then you must allow the relationship to evolve naturally. Just because you are ready to become more serious doesn’t mean your partner is so avoid putting pressure on them to accede to your wishes. This is where great communication skills will come in handy. Tell your partner you are ready to move in, swap keys or whatever you’re ready for, but make it clear that when they are ready to talk about it you are open to it.

Making your wishes clear without pressuring your mate is exactly how your new relationship will evolve into something more. This way you can be sure you both are doing what feels right for you rather than what is expected. The same way your pet names evolved naturally, so too must your entire relationship.

Status Updates Required

Just because your relationship is new doesn’t mean you don’t need to have semi-regular ‘state of the relationship’ conversations to make sure you’re both on the same page. This will not only foster excellent communication but it will make sure you both still want the same things and are happy with the progression of this new relationship.

But you should also discuss the status of something a little less…comfortable to talk about: exes. Are either of you still friends with your exes? If so, it is something I recommend you talk about to keep your new relationship honest. Imagine how you’d feel to see your mate laughing with some hot person you don’t know only to find out it’s an ex. Yeah, they’ll feel the same so save both yourselves the hassle and talk about it early on.

New relationships are fun and exciting and terrifying and exceedingly romantic. It produces a rush of adrenaline that is better than bungee jumping or sky diving or cliff jumping! Keep that feeling alive by remembering that this new relationship is a journey without a true destination so you must work together to find your way.

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