Marriage Problems – 10 Tips For Getting Back On Track

Marriage Problems - 10 Tips For Getting Back On TrackMarriage problems can shake you to your core. They can make you feel like your whole world is upside down, so the sooner you tackle the issues, the more quickly your life will feel right again.

However, it takes two to make a marriage work, and while you can’t control what your spouse does, you do have complete control over what you do.

If you’re ready to get your marriage back to where it should be, here’s 10 tips to keep in mind for getting it back on track.

Admit when you’re wrong

No one is perfect, but there’s few things that are more aggravating in a relationship then when one person can’t admit they’re wrong.

Quite a few marriage problems can be solved just by saying a handful of words: “I’m sorry. What can I do to make it better?” It’s not always as simple as just apologizing.

Depending on the situation, you also have to let your partner know you’re willing to fix things and ask what you can do to make that happen.

Listen to your partner

There are many who are so focused on getting their point across that they don’t listen to what their partner has to say because they’re so busy waiting to get a word in. When you’re talking to your spouse, concentrate more on hearing what they have to say and less on waiting for an opening to get your own thoughts in.

Many marriage problems stem from those who feel like their spouse just doesn’t listen to them, however, it’s an incredibly easy issue to fix.

Stop using “you” language

“You this.” “You that.” Chances are you’ve heard this before or you’ve even said it. When you’re discussing something with your spouse that you’re upset with, it’s easy to throw “you” language around, which comes out more accusatory than constructive and can quickly cause frustration and hurt feelings.

Focus more on saying “I feel” instead.

Change your tactic

Many marriage problems can be fixed simply by changing the way you approach issues. Evaluate the tactics you’ve been using in your relationship.

For example, when something goes wrong, do you have a tendency to yell your thoughts rather than discuss? If so, taking a breath and speaking in a calm tone can completely change the situation.

Changing up your game plan can be an excellent way to stop problems before they even start.

Be brutally honest with yourself

It can be extremely productive to be brutally honest with yourself on a daily basis regarding how you act. It’s not a simple process; often it requires you to check your pride and ego at the door.

However, when you can admit to your partner and yourself the mistakes that you’ve made, you can begin to make positive changes within yourself as well as in your relationship.

Respect your partner’s space

Quite a few marriage problems occur because one doesn’t respect their partner’s space and you start smothering each other. Just because you’re married doesn’t mean you need to be on top of each other all the time when you’re not working.

Each of you should have your own hobbies and friends and engage in them at least once a week. For example, while you have a girl’s night, your guy can hit grab some beers with friends, or while you go take a Zumba class, he can play basketball with his boys. It’ll also give you a chance to miss each other.

Put your feelings on the table

Regardless of how long you’re with your spouse, you can’t expect him to just read your mind.

Whether or not you’re having marriage problems, you have to always make sure you put your feelings on the table and tell your spouse how you feel in a calm and respectful manner. It can be scary, but it’s a must.

Developing excellent communication skills is one of the best ways to increase the chances of any type of relationship succeeding.

Don’t lie

Lying is one of the easiest ways to cause problems in a marriage, but it’s also extremely easy to stop. Unless you’re playing a surprise for your partner, there’s not an excuse to lie, even by omission.

Honesty is extremely important, and once you lie, it can make your partner start to doubt other things you say. It can be intimidating and frightening to tell the truth, some instances more than others, but it’s necessary in order to create a healthy relationship.

Stop giving ultimatums

When some realize they have marriage problems, they resort to giving ultimatums in order to make things better. This can actually make the situation much worse.

Focus on how you can fix the situation at hand, not make your spouse feel cornered by essentially telling him it’s your way or the highway. There are other, less intimidating ways to get your point across and get the results you want.

Don’t overreact

Overreacting can be one of the biggest ways to cause problems in a relationship, not to mention make existing ones even worse.

One of the biggest ways many overreact is by yelling instead of talking out a particular situation, or they get themselves worked up into a frenzy over something that’s completely insignificant.

When you start feeling yourself overreacting, take a breath and focus on handling things in a calm and rational matter.

No marriage is perfect. There are going to be bumps in the road and problems you never saw coming, but the key to handling it all is by being a team with your spouse and facing the issues together.

It’s an amazing thing when you’re lucky enough to find someone to spend your life with, so when marriage problems come up, always make sure to turn toward each other instead of the opposite way.

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