Long Distance Relationship Advice – 7 Tips For Success

Long Distance Relationship AdviceMost of us have biases when it comes to long distance relationships. We believe the popular opinion that they simply don’t work out in the long term. In face many of us have been on the wrong side of long distance relationship advice at one time or another, whether it’s because your high school sweetheart decided to attend a faraway college or because your current sweetie received a promotion across the country.

Your friends and family will tell you that you should keep it casual to avoid a long distance heartbreak. While that is true to a certain extent, a strong foundation will allow you to appreciate the simple things about being together. A simple act like holding hands or waking up with your mate’s arms wrapped around you, take on greater significance.

Forget the long distance relationship advice you’ve been given in the past. Let these tips lead you to relationship success!

Set An End Date

The best piece of long distance relationship advice you’ve probably never received is to set an end date for your separation. While long distance relationships can last, they probably cannot last indefinitely. This doesn’t mean you need an exact end date but you should sit down together and come up with a plan. For example if you’ve been passed over for another promotion in a year’s time, you’ll look for jobs where your sweetie is living.

Work together to figure out how long you both are willing to be apart, and plan your reunion. This will make the distance easier to handle.

Define Expectations

People who dole out long distance relationship advice are almost always concerned with cheating. Yes it is a possibility. But if you set ground rules with your partner about what you both expect during this period of your relationship you will find you rest a lot easier regardless of the unsolicited advice you receive.

Decide if this is going to be an exclusive relationship or if you will be allowed to see other people. This way you can both decide if a long distance relationship is something you even want. This may seem like unorthodox long distance relationship advice, but you’ll know where you stand before they’ve even relocated.

Share Interests

When you and your honey share the same time zone it is easy for you to go out to Book Club while your partner enjoys a Law & Order marathon. It isn’t necessary to share quite so many of your interests because you have plenty of quality time together. But when you’re in a long distance relationship it is important that you start to share other interests.

Long distance relationship advice rarely suggests that you recommend a few of your favorite shows that your partner might actually like or join them online for their favorite game. Loan them a book you’ve just read on your Kindle or share a new song that is now your favorite. This will allow you to stay connected and share experiences even from miles apart.

Message… Frequently

Phone calls and Skype are essential for any couple dating across a distance. But one thing most long distance relationship advice fails to mention is that text messaging is far more important. Texting allows you to stay connected throughout the day and share small tidbits of your day. This can be better because it doesn’t feel like you’re just giving your partner a laundry list of your daily activities.

Text them the ridiculous thing your boss said or share an interesting link. You can send a sunset image to share or a funny sign to make them laugh. Sometimes regular communication like this can bring you closer than a nightly phone call.

Be Honest…Always

Honestly is essential for any healthy relationship, this isn’t news to you. But this is long distance relationship advice you should take to heart; be honest always. What do I mean? If you’re feeling jealous, angry or insecure, share it with your partner. Just because you’re not physically together doesn’t mean they aren’t there for you. Don’t try to handle problems by yourself. Voice your concerns and let your partner support and encourage you.

Besides, the more you bottle up these emotions the worse it will be for you and your relationship when you finally let them free.

Flirt Dirty & Often

Let’s not deny how sexually frustrated you will become with your partner living hundreds of miles away. You will and they will. So the best piece of long distance relationship advice I can give you here is to flirt dirty and flirt often. Not only is flirting a great primer for naughtier endeavors like phone (or Skype) sex, it is a great way to stay connected and relieve that sexual tension.

I’m not saying send racy photos, but you should engage in innuendos, detailed fantasies and links to sexy lingerie. This keeps the connection close and lets you both know your partner still finds you desirable.

Sync Schedules

When couples live in the same city this behavior might seem excessive, clingy or stalkerish. But when you have a long distance relationship, syncing schedules is a great way to avoid reaching out and not getting your partner. At the most vulnerable times this will feel like rejection but if you know what your partner’s schedule looks like you can call or text when you know they’re available.

Your mind won’t race with all the bad things you’re picturing them doing…because you already know its poker night with the boys.

Long Distance Relationship Advice No Brainers

Two things to remember about any long distance relationship advice you receive; everyone’s experiences are different. But all distance-challenged relationships require regular visits so you can reconnect in person and touch and smell your partner. That physical connection will hold you over until the next one.

Then there is the urge to overdo, well everything. You don’t need to talk for 3 hours every night to make up for the lack of physical closeness. You don’t have to take your sexy talk to the extreme and you don’t have to pretend to be 100% miserable to make your partner feel better.

Be honest about your life without them and enjoy the time you have together, whether it is online or in person.

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