Lack Of Intimacy In Marriage – 7 Tips To Get Back On Track

Lack Of Intimacy In Marriage - 7 Tips To Get Back On TrackIntimacy in marriage, whether it’s emotional or physical, is extremely important, and when there’s a lack of it in any form, it’s vital to fix the issue as soon as possible.

It’s relatively easy to do so, but it’s going to require effort from both you and your spouse in order to make it happen. As with most things in a marriage, it can’t work and changes can’t happen unless both of you are going to partake.

So what are some tips and tricks to get back on track when there’s a lack of intimacy in marriage?

Make a weekly date night

Remember when you were dating and you would make sure to spend at least one night a week together? There’s no reason that still can’t happen despite busy schedules, even if it means it’s only for a couple of hours.

Schedule a month’s worth of date nights can be a huge asset, especially if you’re a really busy couple. Also, make every effort to not cancel unless it’s an emergency. It needs to be considered a priority to keep intimacy in marriage.

Do little touches

Little touches don’t mean the action is going to lead to sex, although there’s obviously no problem if it does, but it can be something as sweet and simple as holding your spouse’s hand, brushing their arm as they walk past, brushing the hair out of their eyes, or giving a massage.

It’s amazing how something so seemingly simple can cause a shiver to go up their spine.

Send sultry texts

Not all your texts, even when you’re married, should involve “Can you pick up milk?,” “Did you get the kids?,” “Don’t forget we have to go somewhere tonight” or something along those lines.

Don’t be afraid to be a little naughty! It’s your spouse, not a complete stranger! Feel free to send some sultry little texts throughout the day and let your other half know that you’ve been thinking of them and you’re excited to see them later. It’s the perfect way to avoid the lack of intimacy in marriage.

Talk about more than work and the kids

When a couple gets married and has kids, many complain that their conversations stick to basically two topics: work and the kids. As great as those two topics are and should be discussed, they’re not everything, and both of you need to find other things to talk about before all of your conversations become stale and mundane.

If you have nothing to talk about, start up a new hobby (or three) and you’ll definitely have something new to discuss.

Make time for sex

Sex is so important in a relationship, and it’s a big part of creating closeness and keeping the intimacy in marriage. It’s vital to find the time for sex, even if it’s at least once per week.

The affection and connection that are formed are essential for keeping the spark alive in a relationship, so even if you have kids, make the time even if it involves the two of you having sex in the shower.

Do romantic gestures

Romance shouldn’t stop once you get into a relationship, nor should it stop once you get married.

Even the simplest of gestures, such as putting your spouse’s favorite beer in the fridge, sending lunch to their job, or sending flowers to the home can help start to fix a lack of intimacy in marriage by showing your partner you’re still committed to romancing them.

Write a little something

You may not be the greatest wordsmith, but the good news is that you don’t have to be if you want to surprise your love with words.

Sure you could go out and write a love letter, or even a greeting card, but you could also just write a simple “I love you” message and stick it onto the bathroom mirror or put it in their coat pocket or wallet. It’s a sweet surprise that will really add to the connection between the two of you.

Cherish little moments

Starting to fix the lack of intimacy in marriage doesn’t necessarily have to involve something relatively big, but it can be about cherishing the little moments the two of you have together and finding time to make them happen.

For example, you can sit on the porch together at night and enjoy the weather, go for a walk after work, make dessert together if one of you made dinner, or curl up together and watch a new movie.

Having the lack of intimacy in marriage, whether it’s emotional or physical, often has a lot to do with getting comfortable and forgetting that, regardless of how long you’re together, your marriage and your partner still needs effort and attention.

Focus more on those aspects, and you can start to fix the lack of intimacy in marriage in no time.

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