Ideas for dating your husband all over again

Ideas for dating your husband all over againDating your husband is one of the best ways to keep a marriage going strong and to keep the spark and romance alive regardless of how many years you’ve been together. Once couples have been together for awhile after they first start dating, they settle into the comfort stage. Going on dates becomes almost obsolete which means the excitement of those dates goes away along with it. It’s time to bring the spark and excitement back into your marriage! There are several ways you can improve the relationship and connection you’ve built together by dating your husband all over again.

Don’t just talk about plans, put them into action. Do you really want to date your husband all over again? It’s one thing to start talking about dating each other, but it’s another matter to actually do something about it. If it’s something the two of you really want to do, make it happen! Sit down with each other and have a discussion about how often you’d like to go out and the types of activities you’d like to do. If possible, avoid dates that keep you indoors in your home instead of getting out into the world.

Get ready in separate rooms. One of the most exciting things about dating before you live together is seeing how the other looks at the start of your date. When you’re going out with your husband, the two of you likely get ready in the same bedroom and bathroom. When you’re dating your husband, however, get ready separately. It brings back the initial anticipation of waiting to see how the other person looks until you’re ready to leave.

Plan a date night once a week or at least once every two weeks. Too often couples let responsibilities and obligations get in the way of their quality time and the only time they actually spend together is right before bed. Having the date night often helps keep things fresh and exciting and allows you to nurture the connection the two of you have.

Revert back to your initial dates. When was the last time you did an activity together that you used to do when you first started dating? Maybe the two of you used to go hiking often or took cooking classes. Whatever it is, start doing them again! You’d be surprised how great of an impact dating your husband can have on your marriage.

Exhibit dating behavior. Do you still hold hands with your husband when you walk down the street? Does he open car doors for you? If not, start doing it again when you’re dating your husband. It conjures up those giddy feelings you had when you first started dating. The gestures seem so simple, but reverting back to the dating behaviors you used to do when you first started dating can transport the two of you right back to your honeymoon stage.

Take turns planning dates for each other. Is your idea of a great date going to a winery? Is his ultimate date going to a football game? Change it up with each other and every date night the two of you have something different to look forward to. It’ll help you incorporate each of your dating styles into your new routine. Another level of the date to consider doing is keeping the activity a secret. Rather than inform the other of where you’re going, keep it quiet until the last minute.

Get a babysitter and avoid checking in every five minutes. Have faith that the babysitter knows what they’re doing and that, in the off-chance that there’s a problem, you’ll receive a phone call. Of course it’s going to be difficult not to call often, but it’s so important to focus solely on your husband when the two of you are out on a date. It lets him know that he’s still incredibly important to you and that you value your time together. When you nourish your marriage and help it thrive, that can translate to your children. They see the two of you happy and in love and it can mean the world to them.

Dating your husband all over again can bring up all the butterflies, feelings and emotions that the two of you felt when you first started dating and likely completely forgot about. The longer you’re together, the more important it is to keep things exciting. Although the dates seem simple, the act of going out together can make a huge difference in how your marriage thrives and how the two of you relate to each other.

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