How To Heal A Broken Heart – 9 Tips And Tricks To Healing

How To Heal A Broken Heart - 9 Tips And Tricks To HealingWhen you go through heartbreak, it can seem like the pain is just never going to end. It can interfere with everything from work to your eating habits.

So, how to heal a broken heart? You can’t force your way through it, but there are certain things you can do to get through it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

If you’re ready to let go of the pain, keep reading for tips and tricks to help make it happen.


Face your feelings head on

If you really want to heal a broken heart, right down to the core of it, you have to face all your feelings head on. You can’t go around them or avoid them, but instead, you have to embrace them, acknowledge them, and work through them.

Consider those feelings like a boomerang. Sure, you can initially avoid your feelings and it may make you temporarily feel better, but you won’t feel so great once they swing back around and smack you in the face.

Revel in yourself for a few days

You need some time to grieve the relationship, so if you have to sit in your house and watch movies while shoving ice cream in your mouth for a couple of days, then so be it.

However, you have to process your feelings while you’re doing it instead of just letting them consume you. Don’t wallow, but a few days of alone time can do good things.

Head out with your friends

Once those few days of alone time are over, it’s time to start healing your broken heart by getting out of the house with your friends. They can be excellent medicine, and can often keep you from making stupid decisions, like drunk dialing your ex at 1am.

Let them help you and be there for you like you would do for them if you were in their position.  This is a simple but effective way on healing a broken heart.

Read inspirational material

Between books and blogs, there’s a lot of inspirational material to read that can really help you start healing a broken heart.

Whether it’s how to cut ties with your ex for good, how to improve your confidence, or how to be more grateful for what you have, it all can do wonders for your spirit, and can help you push through the feelings sooner than you thought possible.

Cut ties with your ex

This is an important tip on how to heal a broken heart.  The only reason you should really be talking to your ex after a break up is to figure out when to give back your respective items. Delete your ex off Facebook, block them on Twitter, remove the number from the phone, etc, but do it all ASAP.

It doesn’t mean it has to be that way forever, but simply seeing them post that they’re out having a fantastic time or accidentally stumbling over their number when you’re looking to text your best friend could bring back a ton of unwanted feelings.

Hide presents from your ex

Chances are you can look around your home and see at least four items that your ex gave you or that remind you of the time you two had together.

Seeing these items on a daily basis is very likely going to drag down your spirit and won’t help you heal your broken heart any faster. It’s a must to hide these items in a box or, if you’re up to it, getting rid of them entirely.

Keeping them visible is going to have one of three effects: either you’re going to get really angry, you’re going to get really sad, or you’re going to feel nostalgic and reach out to your ex, none of which are going to help you get through the process any quicker.

Return your ex’s items quickly

Just like gifts from your ex are going to haunt you, their stuff in your space is going to do the same. Throw it all into a box and give it back much sooner than later.

If possible, do so without seeing each other. As previously stated, it doesn’t always have to be this way, but right now, it’s likely your best option if you want to heal your broken heart and really start to heal.

Focus on the present

When you’re getting over a breakup, it’s quite easy to envelope yourself in anything but the present moment.  Being in the present is a great way on how to heal a broken heart.

You’ll think about all the good and bad times, and then you’ll start thinking about what your future is going to be like without this person in your life. This train of thought is going to wreck you and make the process even harder to get through.

You must force yourself to focus on the present and what you can do to help make that moment better for you. Whether it’s going out to dinner with a friend or simply taking a bubble bath, focus on you at that present moment and how you can start to feel your best.

Work out

Working out gets the endorphins going, the body moving, and the mind working, all of which are excellent ways to get through a breakup.

It’s not easy to heal a broken heart, but exercising can immediately give you a happy boost, and if you read the aforementioned paragraph, that can be an excellent thing when you’re focusing more on yourself in the present moment.

As cliché as it sounds, time is going to be the best way to heal a broken heart.

It’s not going to happen overnight, but it will eventually happen, and before you know it, you’ll be looking back and saying how proud you are of yourself to deal with the situation in the best way you know how, and it will be a wonderful moment

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