How To Fix a Relationship In Trouble – 9 Great Tools At Your Disposal

How To Fix A RelationshipWhen you want to learn how to fix a relationship, it’s important to know that there are many levels to the process. With effort and a willing partner it’s definitely possible to achieve the healthy and loving relationship you once had and we can help. Your relationship isn’t necessarily lost just because it’s currently in trouble. Are you ready to turn your relationship around? Our tools outlined below are what you need to repair your relationship so both of you can get on the road to happiness once again.


Before you learn how to fix a relationship, it’s incredibly important that both of you are committed to the process. This means putting in the work to make it happen, being vulnerable regardless of how difficult or crushing it may be and doing what it takes to get your relationship on track. It can make a huge difference when both of you are devoted to the process.


One of the biggest steps in learning how to fix a relationship is acknowledging your share in what happened. It takes two to get a relationship to its current state, so it’s vital that you dig deep down and really find the the qualities within yourself or the actions you could have done to contribute to the way the relationship is now. However, this isn’t the time to wallow and practice self-loathing. The past is gone and all you can do is accept responsibility, acknowledge your mistakes and move forward.


If you want to know how to fix a relationship, you have to be brutally honest about how it got that way in the first place. You can’t fix problems if you don’t address what they are. Being honest is tough as it makes you vulnerable, but you have to be willing to go there if you want your relationship to work. You have to explain to your partner what you feel you contributed to the current state of your relationship and what you’re willing to do to change it and allow him to do the same.


Having excellent communication skills is essential in learning how to fix a relationship as well as improving and maintaining the quality of it. Do you allow your partner to be open with you? Are you open with him? If you answered “no” to either one of those questions, that’s likely a big part of the problem. Both of you have to be open with each other with your thoughts and feelings and be willing to communicate them in a way that you feel like you’re being heard.


Minor changes may happen right away, but the drastic changes aren’t going to occur overnight. Both of you need to be patient with the process and let it go its course without trying to force things to happen. If you lose your patience at any point, stop yourself where you are, take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that you, your partner and your relationship are all works in progress.


Acceptance is a huge part of turning things around in your relationship. Do you accept responsibility for your share of the downfall of the relationship? Do you accept that both of you can overcome the past? Do you accept that both you and your partner have flaws, some of which are likely never going to change? When you start accepting things, it doesn’t mean you’re settling. It simply means that you’ve made peace with their current state, but that you’re willing to move forward.


Before you start to learn how to fix your relationship, you’re going to have to be willing to do a lot of forgiveness, not only of your partner but of yourself as well. Mistakes were made, words were said and actions were done, but you can’t keep drowning in the past. When you forgive someone it’s just as much a gift to the other person as it is to yourself. Don’t just feel the forgiveness, share it with your partner. Actually say the words “I forgive you and I forgive myself.”


In order to get things back on track, you’re going to have to do a reboot of your relationship. The willingness to start all over means that you’ve accepted what happened in the past and you’re willing to move forward. A great way to institute a reboot is to start dating your partner. Remember all those things the two of you used to do when you first got together? Start doing them all over again. It can get the both of you back to a better time before everything happened, but this time you’ll have the knowledge and experience of being with each other to move forward and make different decisions.


Even if the two of you put in all the work possible, it’s sometimes not enough to go it alone. You may need professional help in the form of a marriage counselor in order to get advice from a neutral party. There’s absolutely no shame in seeking help and in some cases, it can be just the jump-start your relationship needs to survive and thrive.

How To Fix A Relationship

When it comes to fixing your relationship, there’s no magic pill that’s going to change everything around. The process is going to require hard work and will probably conjure up feelings you haven’t dealt with in quite some time. Despite the difficulty of the situation, it could all be absolutely worth it. The both of you could end up reaching a point where your relationship is better than ever before and all the trauma from the past is behind you.

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