Divorce Busters Unveiled!

Divorce Busters UnveiledIt almost seems too easy to divorce these days, the easy way out! Well I’m going to introduce you to a few divorce busters that are going to help you avoid going down that nasty path of hurt and despair.

Gone are the days of “Until death do you part . . .” And there seem to be a lot more people out there looking to grant divorces rather than look seriously at divorce busters. Marriages are work and what usually happens is life gets in the way and you disconnect from your partner. Often resentment builds and pushes you farther apart. When this happens if you don’t recognize it right away it will often catalyze and create the beginning to the end.

The grass always seems greener on the other side. NEWSFLASH! It usually isn’t!

Here are a few pointers that will help you discover the right combination for divorce busters and steer you on the path to building a strong, fulfilling and happy relationship with your partner – for real!


Your partner can’t read your mind and if you don’t talk with your partner and let them in on your honest thoughts and feelings then you really are doomed! If you want to reconnect and discover you deep connection you are going to have to lay everything out on the table. Open yourself up and let your partner in so that you can work through your differences and celebrate all the great you share!


Hands down one of the most powerful divorce busters is to remain faithful to your spouse. Fidelity is one of those clear cut choices to disregard the feelings of your partner and to knowingly hurt them. Often this is the one measurable thing that ends a marriage. No matter how difficult things get you owe it to your partner to remain faithful. So that you can figure out a way to find your love again and work together towards a life full of happiness.


If you want your relationship to stand the test of time it’s incredibly important that you pay attention to the little things. It’s often the little things that let your partner know you care. Buying her flowers just because. Dropping off his favorite lunch when he’s working a really long day. Remembering to pamper her every once in awhile with a warm and relaxing bath. Renewing his gym membership before it express. It’s the thought that counts and you’d be surprised how much value is held in making a habit of doing the little things. These things might in fact ensure you don’t have to look further into anymore potential divorce busters.


If you let yourself go you are showing your partner that you really don’t care about yourself or what he thinks. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a late night with the baby. Make the effort to at least have a shower and put a little makeup on before you head out to dinner with your partner. They will appreciate this and it’ll go a long way in keeping the both of you happy. A divorce buster that’s definitely near the top of the list!


It’s important in any relationship that you don’t do everything together. You go to your Tai Kwon Do classes while he heads to his sailing club meetings. And he can go to his bowling practices while you go to your hockey. What this does is give you a sense of independence within a secure relationship and it also creates more interest between you.


Another definite divorce buster is to do things together on a regular basis. Not beside one another but with one another. Things you both enjoy and make sure this happens at least once a week. Maybe you both enjoy skiing, hiking, bird watching or watching movies. And if you have kids you really need to make an effort to do things without them too.


Now this may seem like a lot but it really isn’t. These three words are positively powerful. They can silence and argument. Take the edge off a bad day and make you feel special. A reminder that you are special and appreciated.

Relationships are tough at best. But the people that seem to put in the time and effort into their relationship seem to be the ones that are still happily married. Use these divorce busters to help you stay on track in your relationship. Because building something special makes it truly worthwhile.

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